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Interviews with Gallery Direct Artists

Water Reflections, Santa Cruz by Josh Andrews
Artwork-ID: 154-6154
Water Reflections, Santa Cruz
   Interview with Josh Andrews
San Francisco, CA
United States

Josh Andrews’ photography takes the viewer on a journey to Greenland and Spitsbergen in the Arctic, Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park & Preserve, Death Valley National Park, and the slot canyons of Northern Arizona. Through his photography he creates a unique perspective of the world that is both artistic and environmentally conscious. Be on the look out for images from Escalante Canyon in May 2009.
Vroman's Nose by Elizabeth Apgar-Smith
Artwork-ID: 85-2938
Vroman's Nose
   Interview with Elizabeth Apgar-Smith
Schoharie, NY
United States

Elizabeth’s work represents the beauty she observes in peoples everyday activities. Her “Faithful Labors” series is a culmination of two years work that expresses the essence and beauty of farmers working to sustain their existence.
Evolution - upward by Leslie Barnwell
Artwork-ID: 46-8222
Evolution - upward
   Interview with Leslie Barnwell
Hazelton, British Columbia

Leslie Barnwell's work shows a deep concern for people, social issues and our place in this world. Using various techniques and styles, Leslie's paintings demonstrate her fascination with colour, pattern, and form. Also a writer, Leslie's book "The Rosemary Suite" tells the story of her friend's courage and struggle with breast cancer.
Oils & Acrylics:
Redan Ga. 1965 by Russell Bentley
Artwork-ID: 34-1447
Redan Ga. 1965
   Interview with Russell Bentley
Stockbridge, Ga.
United States

Russell's work is full of detail and realism, yet he has the ability to explore the surreal aspect of a subject and give it a slight "Disney" quality. His scenic and wildlife pieces have a delicate and peaceful feel, as if you were looking out an open door or window and seeing something that in real life would only be accessible from a great distance.
Don't be Afraid of the Dark by Henri Bertrand
Artwork-ID: 132-4675
   Interview with Henri Bertrand
Apples, Vaud

Henri Bertrand, a Swiss geographer, is a sculptor who works with pieces of wood and transforms them into a combination of folds, forms, tensions, colours and rhythms which he associates to heterogeneous metallic elements. His pieces are inspired from the past and present forces that have contributed to the shaping of the terrestrial globe. In some of his most recent work, including numerous human silhouettes, his inspiration is completed by a clear expression of his sensitivity to Human fragility as opposed to “eternal” and powerful Earth’s forces.
Fireplace by Neil Borrell
Artwork-ID: 32-6200
   Interview with Neil Borrell
New York, NY
United States

Neil’s finely detailed pen and ink drawings, of country and nautical scenes, take the viewer on a visual journey around the world. His works have been published and exhibited extensively throughout New York and Massachusetts as well as Spain.
Distant Lands by Vicky Brago-Mitchell
Artwork-ID: 19-978
Distant Lands
   Interview with Vicky Brago-Mitchell
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Vicky considers fractals to be “divine geometry.” Using her background in photography, she creates her pieces by choosing patterns, studying the light and shadows and then manipulating the colors to create images with intricacy and beauty. Each piece, although not a real object, has a familiarity that viewers often associate with.
Pumping Irony #1 by Robert Cantor
Artwork-ID: 102-3946
Pumping Irony #1
   Interview with Robert Cantor
Mill Valley, California
United States

Robert’s sculptures are all about the human figure and face. His work captures the psychological ambiguities, conflicts, emotions, and hidden meanings of everyday life. He uses movement, kinetic tension, exaggerated form and the beauty of smooth lines to reveal the heartfelt aspect of a human experience.
Fireworks Art by Natalie Chapman
Artwork-ID: 8-3764
Fireworks Art
   Interview with Natalie Chapman
Vernon, British Columbia

Natalie goes beyond the normal scope of photography by using specialized equipment and techniques to record an image that isn’t always visible to the naked eye. She believes that “seeing beauty” in ones surroundings is an art in itself, abstracting from the canvass of life and taking that special vision into a photograph.
Oils & Acrylics:
9/11/01 by Ione Citrin
Artwork-ID: 156-6819
   Interview with Ione Citrin
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Ione is an avant garde artist whose artistic expression takes fantastic shape through her diverse oil and watercolor paintings, bronze sculptures, found object collages and mixed media assemblages. Her contemporary paintings and sculptures range from abstract to realistic to impressionistic - all visionary interpretations from her imaginative soul.
Trout Lake, Telluride, CO by Kathleen Norris Cook
Artwork-ID: 57-7670
Trout Lake, Telluride, CO
   Interview with Kathleen Norris Cook
Ouray, CO
United States

Kathleen Norris Cook is a landscape and commercial photographer who has published four books, the most recent, a national award winning coffee table book, Sprit of the San Juans. Using natural light she photographs at specific times so the effect of that light brings out all the beauty nature has to offer.
Aethereal Waterfall by Shirley Cross
Artwork-ID: 21-997
Aethereal Waterfall
   Interview with Shirley Cross
Salem, Oregon
United States

Shirley takes her photography beyond a realist's perspective by manipulating and combining her subjects to produce an image with an ethereal mystical beauty. Her fine art photographs are awe-inspiring and go beyond what is normally expected or anticipated.
Kaleidoscope Ferns-SOLD by Ingrid de Jong
Artwork-ID: 58-2311
Kaleidoscope Ferns-SOLD
   Interview with Ingrid de Jong
Nanaimo, B.C.

Ingrid works almost exclusively in watercolors and with the use of powerful light and strong, rich colours her floral and landscapes demand the viewers’ attention. Although she is a realist at heart, she has recently experimented in abstractions and representational portraits that let the viewer linger and think about what the artwork represents.
If Wildebeest Ruled....  SOLD by Leo (Christianna) Ellingson
Artwork-ID: 100-6087
If Wildebeest Ruled.... SOLD
   Interview with Leo (Christianna) Ellingson
La Mesa, California
United States

Leo Ellingson is a retired geologist who later in life pursued her artistic talent as a watercolorist and sculpture. Her wonderful sense of humor is the contributing factor to her success as a “Junk Artist.” Her Junk Art’s whimsical characters delight viewers and evoke chuckles and curious smiles from everyone who sees them.
Anemone Sylvestris by Cynthia Fleury
Artwork-ID: 88-3459
Anemone Sylvestris
   Interview with Cynthia Fleury
Eden Prairie, MN
United States

Cynthia’s photographs impart a sense of beauty and quiet serenity. As a former painter in oils she approaches her photography on an artistic and intuitive level rather than technical. She captures the beauty around her through the interplay of color, light and composition both in her color and black and white images.
Mixed Media:
Portrait of an Artist by Pnina Granirer
Artwork-ID: 33-6603
Portrait of an Artist
   Interview with Pnina Granirer
Vancouver, B.C.

Pnina is a very prolific artist whose imagery and ideas have spanned over four decades and three continents. Her work has formed a personal allegory that combines imagery from her life and family, her visions, and travels. She took a stand against oppression and racism, which is expressed in works now hanging at the offices of the UN Human Rights Commission in New York and the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem. A major work, THE TRIALS OF EVE, was published as a prize winning limited edition book and made into a film by the same title.
Oils & Acrylics:
A Sextet At Wintertide by Francine Gravel
Artwork-ID: 65-4842
A Sextet At Wintertide
   Interview with Francine Gravel
Kelowna, BC

Francine’s work will take you into a magical world that drifts between reality and total illusion, a place where you played as children and now often yearn to re-explore as an adult. With her vivid imagination and philosophical insight, she captures a world that is peaceful and happy yet full of mystery and intrigue.
Oils & Acrylics:
Curious Discus by Micheline Hadjis
Artwork-ID: 56-1880
Curious Discus
   Interview with Micheline Hadjis
Montreal, Quebec

Micheline Hadjis creates her artworks using multiple layers of translucent colors and textured highlights of opaque acrylics, which results in an explosion of color that captivates her audience. Using this technique, Micheline brilliantly portrays the texture, color, and vibrancy of her exotic and tropical subjects taking the viewer on a personal journey within her imagery
Oils & Acrylics:
St Jovite by Heimo Christian Haikala
Artwork-ID: 71-2607
St Jovite
   Interview with Heimo Christian Haikala

Heimo's work is a combination of personal and spiritual symbolism. Using vivid colours in a mosaic format he creates artworks that allow the viewer to look at the work as a colour study or look deeper to find the narrative depiction.
Harana (Serenade) by Pol  Sioson Herrera
Artwork-ID: 95-7324
Harana (Serenade)
   Interview with Pol  Sioson Herrera
Livingston, New Jersey
United States

Pol's art, which conveys a gentle beauty, reflects his passion for life and his love for music and nature. His work is expressed in a number of styles and media including "Polinearism"--A new way of seeing.
Oils & Acrylics:
Studio Window, Mexico by Jean James
Artwork-ID: 101-3503
Studio Window, Mexico
   Interview with Jean James
Peterborough, Ontario

Jean James work will enlighten the viewer and give them a new perspective on the world we all share. She combines shapes, colour and light to produce a combination of realism, fantasy and abstraction that gives us a glimpse of a world that few of us could imagine.
Oils & Acrylics:
Seafoam by Kevin Jenne
Artwork-ID: 79-10583
   Interview with Kevin Jenne
Montreal, Quebec

Kevin Jenne’s appeal lies in his “Impressionistic, slightly “Cubist” style. His paintings are infused with an inner glow and luminosity that gives each piece a life of their own. He uses intense colours to elicit an emotional response and to stir passion in those who view his work. Recently, Jenne has evolved into his current style “Fragmentation” and is creating works in which light seems to emanate from within the canvas.
Oils & Acrylics:
Hollyhocks by Leonard King
Artwork-ID: 163-7182
   Interview with Leonard King
Newtown Square, PA
United States

Influenced by the realist tradition, much of Leonard King’s work depicts the American Country Scene. He shows a great sensitivity in depicting animals and excels in capturing nuances of the land by choosing light sources and shadows that express his feelings for nature.
CHILDHOOD FANTASY by Jennifer Myers Kirton
Artwork-ID: 110-3998
   Interview with Jennifer Myers Kirton
lady lake, fl
United States

Jennifer Myers Kirton tells a story with her ink and pencil drawings using a process that is devoted to technique, detail and uniqueness. Kirton developed what she calls a “spotlight technique” where she infuses portions of her pencil and ink drawings with color to incorporate another view into the picture. Her work has received numerous awards and has been published and exhibited throughout the US and Europe.
Butterfly by Kristin Krimmel
Artwork-ID: 75-2843
   Interview with Kristin Krimmel
Maple Ridge,, British Columbia

Kristin's work has an astonishing variety. She takes the viewer on a journey into a world of whimsical imagination and delights them with images filled with beauty or humour. In her work, she expresses images of everyday life where she presents ordinary objects that she finds beautiful and noteworthy. Kristin has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions in France, Canada and the United States. Steven Cannell Studios have used her work as decor in several of their serial productions and movies as have other movie productions created in the Vancouver area.
Oils & Acrylics:
000189 by Guy Levrier
Artwork-ID: 64-2078
   Interview with Guy Levrier

Guy Levrier’s abstract paintings are a creation of beauty. He chose not to name his works so they can be viewed at any angle in order to discover the infinity of luminous, transparent colored universes which represent the relations between his artistic creation and our harmonious cosmos.
Artwork-ID: 145-5676
Figure #7
   Interview with GLENN MACKINNON
Englewood, Florida
United States

Glen McKinnon uses light and form to produce photographic images that are not only sensual but portray themselves to the viewer in a unique way. His detailed artistic interpretation of reality is revealed in his creation of memorable and aesthetically pleasing images.
The Art of Stanley Maltzman by Stanley Maltzman
Artwork-ID: 147-7453
The Art of Stanley Maltzman
   Interview with Stanley Maltzman
Freehold, New York
United States

Inspired by nature and its beauty, Stanley takes the elements it presents and interprets them in the light of his own feelings to create each work. He feels that there is a certain sense of communion with nature that he captures in the field or woods that cannot be achieved by working indoors. Highly acclaimed as a landscape artist, Stanley is also an accomplished author and educator.
by Noriko Ohashi
Artwork-ID: 86-2964
   Interview with Noriko Ohashi

Noriko Ohashi’s imagination will take you on a visual journey to places you may never see, allowing you to drift off into her intimate space to share her thoughts and emotions. Finding it hard to live well in the real world, Noriko moved to an inner world that was more tolerant and forgiving. This enabled her to see what she does not normally see and remember places where she can never return.
Oils & Acrylics:
Summer Garden by Leon Oks
Artwork-ID: 97-8955
Summer Garden
   Interview with Leon Oks
Buffalo Grove, IL
United States

Leon has exceptional vision, combining dynamic movement and multiple perspectives with romanticism and emotion, to reveal joy and sadness in equal measures. With fluid brush strokes, he unites form and vivid color into a tapestry of unique inspiration that taps into a range of human experiences
Oils & Acrylics:
Cuba Girl by Denise Paquette
Artwork-ID: 140-7838
Cuba Girl
   Interview with Denise Paquette
St Lazare de Vaudreuil, QC

Denise’s work is stunning and takes the observant viewer into a world where realism and abstraction have no boundaries. She works with many mediums and materials, which she often combines to create subtle intricacies and dimension to her work.
"Female Nude_2 ( Aia)" by Ingeborg Raymer
Artwork-ID: 24-1253
"Female Nude_2 ( Aia)"
   Interview with Ingeborg Raymer
Burnaby, B.C.

Ingeborg Raymer marvels at the fleetingness of each experience and finds the human body and human condition something that moves her to explore and catch the mood of each moment. While trying to be realistic, her biggest concern is expressing her feelings for the individual or the setting.
Oils & Acrylics:
Big Game at the Bell Centre by David Rose
Artwork-ID: 162-6906
Big Game at the Bell Centre
   Interview with David Rose
Longueuil, Quebec

David Rose is a low-vision artist living in Montreal who utilizes visual aids when creating his paintings. He uses photographs as source material for a variety of themes, such as portraits, natural landscapes, and urban landscapes which often include Montreal street musicians. While his artworks are unified by light, colour and technique, his paintings can also reveal something of the process by which they were created.
Nude with Cello by Bob Sanov
Artwork-ID: 103-7237
Nude with Cello
   Interview with Bob Sanov
Florence, Oregon
United States

Bob Sanov, is a traditional photographer who is a master at his craft both in and out of the darkroom. Waiting for just the right light, he works magic to transform the sensuous contours of the landscape and the sensuality of the human form into a black and white image. His images are reflections of his feelings about a subject and it¹s in the darkroom that he brings his images to life to represent these feelings.
abstraction A/3 by Bogdan Soban
Artwork-ID: 98-3416
abstraction A/3
   Interview with Bogdan Soban
Sempeter pri Gorici

Bogdan is a revolutionary artist whose art is entirely computer generated and based exclusively on the aesthetic ability of mathematics and generative designed software. His geometric abstractions are magical creations of color and design that represent his emotions during the creative process.
Snow 6 by roger sonneland
Artwork-ID: 111-4113
Snow 6
   Interview with roger sonneland
New Zealand

Roger describes his macro photography as a personal experience between himself and the flower he is photographing. He looks at the “Rose” as the Rolls Royce of flowers and one that holds so many untold stories. As Roger moves in close and looks deeply into the rose he reveals an explosion of color along with an ever-changing landscape.

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