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Gallery Direct is Better with Search Engines
By Dave Yelen

Search engines and robots are nothing new to the internet. Everyone knows how important it is to be "indexed" on the most popular search engine web pages. Countless articles have been written discribing various techniques and methods to get your web page listed. Tons of companies offer "search engine submission" and "web site optimization" services. The truth is that all the top search engine web page companies are in a constant state of developing "better" ways of looking at the millions of web pages they are indexing and providing better results to the viewers conducting the searching.

What does this all mean? It can be summed it up in one word: CONTENT.

The ultimate goal of every search engine is to provide results that are most relavant to the search criteria. Sure, some are selling "advertising space" too, which helps in getting your site listed in better positions, and are actually designed to help fund the search engine company--but in the end, the most successfull search engine sites will be the ones that actually provide results that are the most helpfull. This is what most of the search sites are migrating towards.

All of the GALLERY DIRECT web pages have been designed to dynamically create search-engine friendly web page coding. As each member changes his content, the web pages automatically generate new web pages based on the content of each member's information. Complex systems have been built into the GALLERY DIRECT web site to allow for changes that occur with various search engine programming, ensuring that all the members of GALLERY DIRECT automatically get their information indexed properly--and reindexed as each member makes changes to his or her information. Since GALLERY DIRECT allows each member to manage their information on-line and in real-time, this is essential for optimizing search engine results.

GALLERY DIRECT also takes the burden off our members for submitting their information to the search engine web sites. The staff at GALLERY DIRECT are always in the process of monitoring search engine placement, making necessary adjustments, and ensuring the best possible performance. In addition, links to our member's personal web pages are also automatically indexed when search pages visit GALLERY DIRECT. This means that your own web site will get indexed along with the GALLERY DIRECT web pages.

SPAM Protection:

Many "spam" companies use specially designed "robots" to look at web pages throughout the internet and attempt to "suck out" e-mail addresses and use them for spamming purposes. GALLERY DIRECT does not publish e-mail addresses anywhere on the web sites, and therefor spamming robots cannot add your contact e-mail address to their spamming lists. Instead, on-line contact forms are used to allow potential buyers to contact our members. This feature also allows viewers to contact you without being at their own computer.

Getting Better Results:

Another means for getting better search results is by having your web pages linked by other sites. The staff at GALLERY DIRECT is always looking for other art-related sites to add GALLERY DIRECT links which help improve search performance. In addition, GALLERY DIRECT has its own "ART RING" link pages which also helps improve search results by increasing link sharing.

Here is a list of some of the search engine sites currently indexing GALLERY DIRECT:

MSN Search
IBM WebFountain
Summit Media
Viola (France)
TurnItIn (Plagiarism Prevention site)
Limelight Networks
UPC Chello (Netherlands)
Bai du (China)
netBridge (Russia)
Microcomputers Etc.

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