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It is essential that artists of every discipline have a professional looking portfolio in order to be competitive in today's art-world. You, as a professional artist, will need a portfolio when you apply for grants or show a perspective client or gallery your work. Your portfolio should tell your clients who you are, what accomplishments you have made and show them how well you have mastered your craft.

Plan your portfolio carefully and present it in a professional manner. Include only your best work and organize the images so that pieces relating to one another are grouped together. A good portfolio should have continuity so consider the size and format (vertical or horizontal) of each piece when deciding the order of placement within your portfolio.

Include approximately 15 of your strongest pieces. If you find it hard to be objective about your work have someone you respect critique your work and help you decide on the pieces to include. Artwork such as drawings, painting on paper, collage, photography and prints should be neatly matted. If you have over-sized or sculptural pieces you should have photographs or slides of them for presentation purposes.

The next step is your portfolio presentation. If you are presenting your portfolio in person there are a number of different types of presentation cases or binders available at any good photography or art supply store. On the other hand, archival portfolio boxes are best used when you need to ship your artwork to a gallery for presentation purposes.

Other items you want to have available as part of your portfolio is a business card and an artist statement, which should include reviews, exhibitions you have been a part of and awards that you have received.

Remember that it takes more than producing good artwork to become a successful professional artist. Above all else you have to be patient and develop valuable relationships, demonstrate professionalism, and have a strong desire to become successful.

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