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AOL Users: How to Fix the Terrible Web Graphics
By Dave Yelen

Most America On-Line (AOL) subscribers are missing out on a quality web experience because AOL's "Top-Speed" technology is really just super-compression of most of the graphic data transmitted from AOL to the viewer! Not only does AOL compress the graphic images, it also reduces the color depth to just 256 colors--and doesn't do a very good job at it, at that! Consequently, most of the graphics you see on-line are blurry, poor color quality, and overall just plain terrible. AOL's "new" technology occurs on the AOL's service end of the system, so it doesn't matter what browser you are using--all graphic data sent to your computer gets compressed by AOL prior to transmitting anything to you.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Two easy steps are required to return your internet browsing to perfect clarity:

1)   Turn Off the Image Compressor option in your AOL Preferences

-Log onto AOL
-Click the My AOL option (older versions of AOL: click Members)
-Click on Preferences
-Click on WWW
-Shut off the image compression by unchecking the option that says "Do you want compressed images for faster downloading?" Some versions may ask the question differently, but the point is you want the image compression option turned OFF.

2)   Clear your internet Cache so the new correct images are forced to be resent to you

Windows Users follow these steps (MAC users consult your help information to clear cache files):

-Click the START button on your taskbar
-Click Settings
-Click Control Panel
-Double-Click on the Internet Icon
-On the "General" tab, find the area which says "Temporary Internet Files" and click the "Delete Files" button
-You will be prompted to verify the deletion. Click OK.
-Close the preferences window

After completing these steps, if you still see poor images, you may have to click the "Refresh" button on the browser to force the webpage graphics to get reloaded.

That's all there is to it! If you are using AOL and are still experiencing difficulty, contact AOL for help--they are always updating their system, and some of the options may have changed.

We, at Gallery Direct, are always striving to ensure that everyone can enjoy the optimimum viewing pleasure of our member's artwork, and hope this article can help AOL users experience the Gallery Direct website to its utmost quality.


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