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Portfolio of
 Robert Cantor 

Mill Valley, California
United States

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Anatomy of Melancholy
Contemporary Sculpture
Ecstatic Moments
Figurative Sculpture
Portraits and Busts
Psychological States
Secret Obsessions
The Human Comedy
Theme and Variation Series

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Psychological States


Trump Trauma #2
Artwork-ID: 102-10744

Trump Trauma #2

First, a vulgar lying yam became president. Then, like so many others, I watched in horror as, day after day, this raging, narcissistic, truly unstable man-child and his wrecking crew did their destructive work. As I often do in times of stress, I took refuge in my studio in the hopes of finding some distraction and relief. It didn't work. And once it became clear to me that I was making a “Trump Edition” of some kind of “ PTSD” imagery, I gave myself over to the creative task and began enjoying the process, even finding it psychologically helpful. Many of these forms are dark and despairing, some are lighter and more playful, but all are a response to the traumatic disorientation of what is happening in our country. Fiber-glass reinforced cast stone/steel base.

Artwork and Images Copyright 2017 Robert Cantor - All Rights Reserved

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