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 Neil Borrell 

New York, NY
United States

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Wellfleet Docks
Artwork-ID: 32-5474

Wellfleet Docks

These Docks are part of the town pier in Wellfleet on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Iíve been drawing in this area since the 1970ís. I remember thinking there was nothing left for me to draw and settling on this scene, which is an unusual one for me. I normally gravitate toward commercial boats, the more beat up the better, but all I could see here were well-kept rental boats and one commercial fishing boat in the background. The Naviatoróa boat that does tourist fishing trips - was out at the time, which was just as well because it would have dominated the background. The end result surprised me by becoming one of my favorite drawings. The biggest challenge was making sure that when I stopped drawing for the day the drawing was in a state of completion. Iíve been in situations where I return in the afternoon and the tide is very high or all the boats are gone or some other unfair thing that happens when you draw moveable things has occurred. The first big drawing I ever did was in St. Jean de Luz in the south of France on the Atlantic coast. I tried to draw the whole port from our tiny balcony. The last night we were there I decided the drawing was finished. When I looked out in the morning every single boat had either moved or was being towed to another part of the harbor. I try to learn from experience so I always keep boat drawings finished, until I make them more finished.

Artwork and Images Copyright 1995 Neil Borrell - All Rights Reserved

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