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 Neil Borrell 

New York, NY
United States

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Shakespeare & Company, Paris
Artwork-ID: 32-5470

Shakespeare & Company, Paris

The traffic was so heavy in front of me that I had to work on the upper portions of the buildings until a space opened up and I could work on the bottom. If it was just cars I could see through the blur but trucks and buses were a problem. I drew this while leaning against a wall on the Left Bank of the Seine in Paris next to one of the book seller's kiosks that line the quay. A lot of people asked me why I didn't turn around and draw Notre Dame which was behind me but I tend to shy away from subjects that famous. This is actually the second in a series. On an earlier visit to Paris I set up my chair on the sidewalk at the corner just to the left of this scene and drew a small group of buildings at the end of the block. This time my son Adam came out and worked on his version one day, he hadn't been born yet when I did the first one.

The dormer windows at the top right actually looked the way I drew them. I really wanted to be inside that room and see what it looked like from there. My favorite part of the drawing is probably the bench in the center. I love how you can see it through the fence and you don't notice it right away. I surprised myself with the cafe's chairs and tables, this was one of those times that I think; "Wow, I really did that?"

At the left is the world famous Shakespeare and Company. I once stepped on the tail of the dog that lived there. His name was "Baskerville" pronounced, of course, "Baskerveee". He was sleeping and I was looking at books and didn't notice him. He was startled awake but forgave me after much apology in English.

Artwork and Images Copyright 1990 Neil Borrell - All Rights Reserved

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