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 Neil Borrell 

New York, NY
United States

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Sanary, France
Artwork-ID: 32-5475

Sanary, France

We rented an apartment a couple of blocks away from the location of this drawing during an extremely hot summer in 1990. We almost rented the apartment above the Creperie sign about ten years earlier in this town on the French Riviera. I was quite happy, in retrospect, that we hadn’t rented the place because what sounded like a quaint plus, “daily market outside the window”, would have turned out to be a major annoyance. The covered stand at the right, which is a fish stall, is the beginning of the market which extended three or four blocks. It was a great daily destination but would have been tough to wake up to at about five each morning.

I’ve learned the hard way to keep the boats finished. If I leave a boat half done it is guaranteed to be gone when I come back to finish it. In this drawing I tried to work from the front of the boats to the backs (bow to stern I guess) so I could slip in the back of one boat on the front of another if I had to. Of course the tide changes as well. I try to decide early on what state I want the tide to be in and work on boats only when they are at the right level. I make a similar choice in terms of the position of the sun and where any shadows will fall. I usually do a drawing either morning or afternoon and often that is decided by when the sun will be out of my eyes, especially in a place like this where the sun beats down. I often promise myself to come back and fill in shadows. There is always a specific time when I really like the way they fall. I almost never actually come back and do this.

I did this drawing sitting on a low curb. I usually take some kind of folding chair but I didn’t have one along on this trip. My son Adam came with me one day and drew his version of this scene. He was seven and we had a great time.

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