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 Claire Hamilton 

Dorval, Quebec

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Since I began painting, watercolour has been my medium of choice.
I have always been attracted to its transparency and the purity of its
colours. I find the interaction between the pigments, the water and
the paper's surface to be challenging and at times unpredictable.
The subjects I choose reflect the natural beauty that surrounds me,
whether it is a flower, a tree trunk or an animal lounging in the sun.
When I actually succeed in translating a portion of this beauty on to the paper, I feel lucky.
I love sharing these discoveries with others.


Claire Hamilton

Claire is a native Montrealer, originally trained as a nurse, who has always pursued the Arts as an expressive outlet. She became interested in watercolor as a medium in 1994, and at this time began taking courses. She has studied watercolor technique with a variety of Canadian and American artists and has participated in workshops in Quebec, Ontario and Florida. Her approach to her art, is one of an ongoing adventure, allowing her to explore a wide variety of subjects.

Claire shares her love of the medium by teaching her techniques to others. She began this stage of her evolution as an artist, in a voluntary capacity, at a chronic care facility for the disabled. Currently she teaches locally in Dorval and Valois and, during the winter, in Sarasota, Florida.

In 1998, she was recognized locally. It was at this time that she decided to begin displaying her paintings. Her work is currently hanging in several professional offices in the Greater Montreal area. She has continued to be recognized for her work by receiving several awards in local competitions.

Claire has donated paintings to Quebec Canada Commitee, Dorval Citizens' Advocacy, Rosie Animal Adoption, Kiko Animal Rescue, Bayview Hospital and Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation, all used in various fund-raising events.

Claire is currently a member of the Dorval Artists' Association and the West Island Artists' Circle. She has a past association with L'ACAP du Quebec (Association de Creations des Artisans et Peintres)and the Dollard Artists' Association. These organizations have allowed her the opportunity to participate regularly in exhibitions and to volunteer in various executive capacities, which in themselves have been valuable experiences.


Second Prize Winner in Watercolor Category
Dorvals' Artist Association 2015
Honorable Mention in Watercolor Category
Dorval Artists'Association 2014
First Prize Winner in Watercolor Category
Dorval Artists' Association Annual Exhibition 2013
2009 - to the present Member of Dorval Artsts' Association
2007-2009 Special Events Chairman - Artists' Circle
Exhibition Director -Dorval Artists'Association
2006-2007 Special Events Chairman - Artists' Circle

2004-2005 Member and Exhibition co-Chaiman For Dollard Artists' Ass.
Member and Special Events co -Chairman for Valois Artists' Cir.
Member of the Dorval Artists' Association
2003-2004 Assistant Exhibition Director for Dollard Artists' Association
Member of: Dorval Artists' Association
Dollard Artists' Association
Artists' Circle of Valois

2002-2003 Exhibition Director for Art in the Park
Director for fund-raising for the Palliative Care
Member of: Dorval artists' Association
Dollard Artists' Association

2001-2002 Exhibition Director - Dorval Artists' Association
Member - Dorval Artists' Association
L'ACAP du Quebec

1994-2013 Workshops:
Susanna Spann
Karen Vernon
Ann Abgott
Jean Grastorf
Barbara Simmons
Linda Kemp
Gerald Brommer
Barbara Nechis
Luigi Tiengo
Jacques Hebert
Marc Lague
Ted Minchin
Bridget Austin
Janet Rogers
Tom Lynch
SAC - Chateauguay
SAC - Beaconsfield


My husband's downtown office is my personal Gallery, where people can see my work as well as the paintings that have received public recognition. Thank you Dave.


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