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Portfolio of
 Bob Sanov 

Florence, Oregon
United States

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Abstract and Still Life
Canyons of the Colorado Plateau
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The Nude
The Nude (recent work)
The Pacific Northwest
The Southwest
The West

Interview with Artist


(photo by Charles Draper)

Artist Statement

I imagine that there are as many reasons for making photographs as there are photographers.For me, it's the sheer magic of seeing nature transposed and transformed into gelatin-silver images.

I especially love the element of non-reality inherent to the black & white image, along with the poetic and somewhat mystical aura it creates.

When I set off to photograph, I rarely have a specific goal in mind, but prefer instead to explore the possibilities as they reveal themselves to me.

I am drawn to light and form rather than specific subject matter, which may be the sensuous contours of a sand dune or the sensuality of the human form.Regardless of subject matter, it's almost always the quality of light to which I'm responding.My images are reflections of my feelings about the subject, rather than merely literal depictions of the scene in front of me.

The darkroom is where I feel the images really come to life, and a continuation of what I saw and felt when exposing the negative.

All of my work utilizes traditional gelatin-silver materials (non-digital) and my darkroom techniques include dodging, burning, multiple filtration, flashing, bleaching, unsharp masking......anything it takes to make the image come alive.

Technical information:
All of my images are made with a 4x5 view camera and have been processed and printed in a conventional "wet" darkroom.

As a final processing stage, the exhibit prints are selenium toned for both archival and aesthetic considerations and mounted on acid-free buffered mat board.


I was born in Chicago, Ill. and received training as a classical musician & performed with the Lyric Opera Orchestra and Chicago Chamber Orchestra while earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in music at Northwestern University.

In 1964 I was invited to join the music faculty at Bowling Green State University as Associate Professor of violin and chamber music .

After moving to Southern Ca. in 1970, I served on the music faculty at Cal.State Univ. Long Beach in addition to pursuing a career as a studio musician in Hollywood where I performed on the sound tracks for motion pictures and television.

My interest in photography began in California in the 1970's after seeing an exhibit of Ansel Adams work and realizing the potential of photography as a means of expression as powerful as music.

My photographs have been widely exhibited in galleries throughout Los Angeles and are included in several private collections.



1986 Black Gallery, Los Angeles
1986 Arizona State Univ
1987 Los Angeles Photography Center
1988 Los Angeles Photography Center
1995 L.A. Art Assoc.
1996 Gallery 825 (L.A.)
1996 Malibu Art Assoc.
1997Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, Ca.
1997 Gallery 825 (L.A.)
1997 The Artist's Gallery (L.A.)
1998 Museum of Arts Downtown L.A.
1998 The Artist's Gallery
1999 Century Gallery (L.A.)
2000 The Perfect Exposure Gallery
2001 Hollywood Digital Gallery
2001 Malibu Art Assoc.
2003 Photozone Gallery, Eugene Or.
2003 Mayor's Art Show, Jacobs Gallery, Eugene, Or.
2003 Diva Gallery with Photozone
2004 Florence Events Center
2005 Diva Gallery, Eugene, Or. Solo show
2005 Newport Visual Arts Center
2005 Florence Events Center
2007 Opus 6ix gallery, Eugene
2008 Emerald Art Center, Springfield
2009 Museum of Natural & Cultural History University of Oregon
2010 Celebrate Arts "Best of Show" photography Florence Events Center
2012 Mayor's Art Show Jacobs Gallery Eugene, Oregon
2013 O'Briens Imaging "TREES" with Charles Search
2014 Mayors Art Show Jacobs Gallery Eugene, Oregon
2015 Coos Art Museum group art show
2016 Heavy Metal 2 group show. LightBox Gallery, Astoria Oregon

Best of Photography Annual: 1994, 1996, 2003

International Contemporary Artists 2010

Black and White Magazine 2017 single image contest winner issue #119


Emerald Art Center National juried photography show
Winner "Best of Show" award. 2017.

Extending Tradition, Large format group photography show
May 12-June 6 2018
Opening reception May 12 5pm-8pm
LightBox Gallery
1045 Marine Drive
Astoria, Oregon


Heavy Metal ll. Aug 13-Sept 6 2016
Artist reception August 13, 6-9 pm
Lightbox Gallery
1045 Marine Dr.
Astoria, Oregon. (503) 468-0238

Emerald Art Center. Autumn photography Exhibit Sept. 9-Sept. 30, 2016
Opening reception Fri. Sept.9. 5pm-6pm
500 Main St. Springfield Oregon


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