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Portfolio of
 Asbjorn Lonvig 


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    Oils & Acrylics
Mixed Media
Graphic Arts

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Oils & Acrylics:
Statue of Liberty Paris
Artwork-ID: 66-9361

Statue of Liberty Paris

Asbjorn Lonvig's words:
I sailed down the Seine in Paris.
There was the Statue of Liberty.
Like the Statue of Liberty in New York.
But smaller.
This statue looks towards west.
Towards US.
My first impulse was that it was a model of the larger one in New York Harbor.
That was not right.
The one in New York Harbor had been erected 3 years earlier.
Wikipedia's words: The Statue of Liberty (French: Statue de la Liberté) on the Île des Cygnes, a man-made island in the river Seine - under the Pont de Grenelle - was given to the city of Paris, France. The statue is 11.50 m (37 feet 9 inches) high. It was inaugurated on July 4, 1889, it looks towards the Atlantic Ocean and hence towards its "larger sister" in New York Harbor, which had been erected nearly three years earlier.
The tablet of the Statue of Liberty in the river Seine bears two dates: "IV JUILLET 1776" (July 4, 1776: the United States Declaration of Independence) like the New York statue, and "XIV JUILLET 1789" (July 14, 1789: the storming of the Bastille).
The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor on Liberty Island was inaugurated on October 28, 1886.
It is 93 m (305 ft) tall.

1 x Inks on Hahnemühle Artist Canvas 340 gsm - one of a kind - signed by Asbjorn Lonvig.
Size: 84 x 59.4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”).
Price is US$ 8,632.
210 x exclusive fine art prints numbered and signed by Asbjorn Lonvig,
printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350gsm Fine Art paper
using pigment based archival inks
for pigment load maximization and lightfastness augmentation.
Processed with Hahnemühle Protection Spray.
Size: 84 x 59.4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”).
Price is US$ 2,000 each.

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Artwork and Images Copyright 2010 Asbjorn Lonvig - All Rights Reserved

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