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 Asbjorn Lonvig 


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    Oils & Acrylics
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Graphic Arts

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1 - Worldwide inspiration
2 - European inspiration
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5 - Sad Days
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0 - World's Best Fine Art......


Oils & Acrylics:
The Eiffel Tower and...
Artwork-ID: 66-9350

The Eiffel Tower and...

Asbjorn Lonvig's words: A symbol for the whole of Europe.
At some point the blue and the yellow lights are turned off.
And you ponder on the substance of the European Union - represented by the non-illuminated naked image of the Eiffel Tower.
You realize that there were no wars among European Unionists since 1949.
That's what the European Union is basically about to me.
Beyond all the words.
And you praise yourself that your country is an European Unionist. On the occasion of the French presidency of the European Union (French President Nicolas Sarkozy will launch the French Presidency of the EU at 10am on Thursday 10 July in Strasbourg in a speech to MEPs and the European Commission.) in august 2008, the Eiffel Tower was illuminated in blue - the color of the European Union's flag.
Every evening from 23 h. a flamboyant blue illuminated the symbol of Paris.
The flag: Against the background of blue sky, the stars form a circle, symbolizing union.
The number of stars is fixed, twelve being the symbol of perfection and completeness and bringing to mind the apostles, the sons of Jacob, the labors of Hercules, the months in the year, etc.
From its foundation in 1949 the Council of Europe was aware of the need to give Europe a symbol with which its inhabitants could identify.
On 25 October 1955 the Parliamentary Assembly unanimously approved the emblem of a circle of gold stars on a blue background.
On 9 December 1955 the Organization's Committee of Ministers adopted the star-studded flag,
which was launched officially on 13 December of the same year in Paris.
Wikipedia words: Eiffel Tower History: On May 15, 1889, the Eiffel Tower opened its door to the public, a few days after the inauguration of the Universal Exposition, and was the uncontested attraction of the event. 120 years later, the Mayor of Paris and the operating company, Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel, organized a series of events to celebrate the Tower’s anniversary in 2009: Bastille Days fireworks display, a light show, as well as an exhibition “Tales of the Eiffel Tower”.

1 x Inks on Hahnemühle Artist Canvas 340 gsm - one of a kind - signed by Asbjorn Lonvig.
Size: 84 x 59.4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”).
Price is US$ 5,976 - 8,632
210 x exclusive fine art prints numbered and signed by Asbjorn Lonvig,
printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350gsm Fine Art paper
using pigment based archival inks
for pigment load maximization and lightfastness augmentation.
Processed with Hahnemühle Protection Spray.
Size: 84 x 59.4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”).
Price is US$ 2,000 each.

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Artwork and Images Copyright 2010 Asbjorn Lonvig - All Rights Reserved

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