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Portfolio of
 Ingeborg Raymer 

Burnaby, B.C.

Media Type(s):
    Oils & Acrylics
Mixed Media
Graphic Arts

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Human Figure
Portraits 2

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Gallery Direct Interview with INGEBORG RAYMER

Ingeborg Raymer marvels at the fleetingness of each experience and finds the human body and human condition something that moves her to explore and catch the mood of each moment. While trying to be realistic, her biggest concern is expressing her feelings for the individual or the setting.

" Floral No. 3 " by Ingeborg Raymer
Artwork-ID: 24-1272
" Floral No. 3 "

I understand you were educated and trained in classical music; when did you realize you wanted to be an artist and what was the influencing factor for making the decision.

As political, social upheaval and a war sidetracked my early ambitions, the breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies launched my desire to draw and paint. And I pursued this desire with a vengeance.

"Okanagan Landscape" by Ingeborg Raymer
Artwork-ID: 24-1255
"Okanagan Landscape"

What formal or informal training have you found most useful?

Formal Art Training gave me a foundation to build on, aside from the prestige, which goes with it. However, the best training I received was in private art classes with two great teachers.


During your career, who or what has given you the most inspiration?

My inspiration has come from a love of giving and deriving joy from my work and -- foremost --from viewing the art of the great masters.


Could you tell us how your personal life experiences have influenced your artwork?

Having experienced great moments of happiness and also deep moments of sadness in my own life, has given me the ability to express those emotions in my work.


You work in a number of art mediums, which is your favorite and why?

At present, I am working a lot in chalk pastels, however, my mediums change and I am equally happy with oil paints. For drawing I prefer charcoal and conte on toned paper.

Graphic Arts:
"Elm Tree #V" by Ingeborg Raymer
Artwork-ID: 24-1140
"Elm Tree #V"

A large body of your work consists of the human figure and portraiture, are these your preferred subjects?

My preferred subject matter is definitely the human figure and portraiture. However, I also enjoy doing florals and landscapes when the light inspires me

"Rasta Adam" by Ingeborg Raymer
Artwork-ID: 24-1268
"Rasta Adam"

How do you think or want other people to respond to your work?

I am very happy when other people respond either positively or negatively to my work, as I want feedback and the knowledge that an interest exists for what I do. The greatest reward is having my work bought by another artist.

"Female Nude_2 ( Aia)" by Ingeborg Raymer
Artwork-ID: 24-1253
"Female Nude_2 ( Aia)"

Since you began your career as an artist, what have been your greatest success and your biggest setback?

The greatest success in my art career was a remark written into the attendance book at my first opening by my former teacher “What was your weakness, has become your strength.” There are too many setbacks to mention. Being rejected by a gallery I really thought was desirable at age 80 was quite a blow to my ego.

Oils & Acrylics:
"Captain Drummond's Old Barn" by Ingeborg Raymer
Artwork-ID: 24-1134
"Captain Drummond's Old Barn"

Having created art for so many years, how do you keep yourself motivated?

The motivation is always there from waking to sleeping. However, the clutter and the demands of life and the physical weakness often don't allow the fulfillment of the motivation.

Oils & Acrylics:
"By the Alouette River" by Ingeborg Raymer
Artwork-ID: 24-1136
"By the Alouette River"

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

The most enjoyable thing about being an artist is the ability to give of yourself to others, to light the flame in many of my students, to research and learn more every day and "to see the world with a very keen eye".

Oils & Acrylics:
" Strange Encounter" by Ingeborg Raymer
Artwork-ID: 24-1305
" Strange Encounter"

With all the knowledge you have attained over the years, what advise would you give an artist starting out in their career?

My advice to any young artist would be: Focus on your career, give up time wasting, be tenacious, don't let failures keep you from your pursuit. Take a breath now and then and realize how much you have improved over the years. And -- take flight and reach the heights.

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