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 Guy Levrier 


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    Oils & Acrylics

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Gallery Direct Interview with GUY LEVRIER

Guy Levrier’s abstract paintings are a creation of beauty. He chose not to name his works so they can be viewed at any angle in order to discover the infinity of luminous, transparent colored universes which represent the relations between his artistic creation and our harmonious cosmos.

Oils & Acrylics:
051199 by Guy Levrier
Artwork-ID: 64-2039

What are your earliest memories of painting and was there any one person who encouraged you along that path?

My first emotions were while looking at an image of "Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry", as a 10-year old boy, and also admiring the Ecole de Barbizon paintings we had at home. My generation was discouraged to envisage any artistic future: "the poor artist unable to set up a household." In 1972, one sentence from a friend of mine, a professional, and very gifted painter, "If you want to paint, paint" started the volcano. I painted a flower, I was happy and never stopped since then, Impressionist for 10 years, and then, abstract.


Could you tell us a little about your formal education?

I graduated from an advanced Business school.


At what point in your life did you make a conscious decision to become an artist?

Immediately on the minute of the flower incident, but I didn't take it seriously at all at the beginning - just for the fun of it - on Sundays!


What types of art were you creating during the early years of your career?

Just Impressionist, it was so emotional ! Love at first sight !

Oils & Acrylics:
310394 by Guy Levrier
Artwork-ID: 64-2071

What made you change the direction of your work to an abstract form?

Just one sentence again, from a well-known Gallery owner this time: "I saw only your Art at the Artistes Français show, at the Grand Palais (Paris), and I have a clientele without limits for that". Fame at last ....and famous last words! When I woke up the next morning, after dreams of glory, I told myself, if you do that, Guy Levrier, you are going to end up as a FAX machine. So, no FAX machine, but I found myself in my atelier, seated in front of a white canvas, just doing "anything", and that anything became what you know. What next?

Oils & Acrylics:
000189 by Guy Levrier
Artwork-ID: 64-2078

You invite people on a personal adventure while looking at your abstract works but say it’s quite separate from the one which you lived through when you created them. Could you tell us what role your emotions played in the creative process during this time?

That's the problem nobody has ever been able to answer, whether we mean artists, art historians, cognitive sciences : this is the domain where you spend a life-time trying to catch butterflies with a bear-trap. In all the shows which were organized, all these charming visitors came to me, to find out what my intentions were, how did I function, what was going on in my brain? Of course, this is the reason why I did all the research I could do, to give them my answers in writing, which I started publishing on the Internet in 1995. This is the only place where you can have access to all the details of that research.

Oils & Acrylics:
050591 by Guy Levrier
Artwork-ID: 64-2080

Could you tell us how you perceive the world and how it may differ from other people?

As a former Fighter pilot : the sky has no limit. Welcome to the cosmos. Exactly what is that cosmos? There doesn't seem to be any end to it. And no beginning either. What is its purpose? And what am I doing in it ? Research again's good fun! Let's invite our young, to it, they should enjoy!

Oils & Acrylics:
220896 by Guy Levrier
Artwork-ID: 64-2058

I love your abstract works and would like to know if you have any preconceived idea about your color choices or its relationship to the world around you by virtue of your emotional state at the time, before you start a series?

Absolutely none, nothing, it's a complete blank, very frightening when nothing comes : six suicides among the greatest, most glorious Abstract Expressionists, that should give you an approximate answer. I don't start a series: each one is the last one the way I perceive it.

Oils & Acrylics:
150791 by Guy Levrier
Artwork-ID: 64-2079

Your works would be highly marketable, but you have made the decision to never sell your works but to have them donated to International Foundations. Could you tell us why you made this decision?

None of the biggest International Foundations I approached accepted my donation. This decision started at the very beginning: I felt that, if I started selling, my painting would disappear in me.

Oils & Acrylics:
150489 by Guy Levrier
Artwork-ID: 64-2081

Most artists are struggling to sell their work, to be able to survive. Do you have another career besides art that allows you to fulfill this dream to donate your work so it can be shared with the world in perpetuity?

Yes, of course, I had a regular business career to keep my little family alive and happy.

Oils & Acrylics:
151298 by Guy Levrier
Artwork-ID: 64-2050

How do you wish your art to be perceived by the world in the future and what message would you like to convey to young people seeking out a profession in the arts.

It's a bottle in the sea adventure, with approximately 200 000 page views in the whole world in 2009, 531 paintings, essays in philosophy of sciences. I have explained my work, but I have no intention whatsoever to impose any particular perception of it to anybody, since this is strictly A UNIVERSAL COMMON GOOD. The message is self-explanatory for those who get it on the basis of the results : RESEARCH

You have also written many papers, one “The Pathway between Art and Science, One Painter’s Metaphorical Journey” which is published on the Articles page of Gallery Direct. I would like to encourage everyone to read this article to get a deeper perspective of your Philosophy.

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