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Member Testimonials

“I am always inpressed with this site and constantly recommend it to my artist friends. I think the easy access to it through links to the artist name and the interactive part that the artist has in controlling their site are keys. Also it is nicely formated with quality work and easy for a novice to navigate. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a member.”

-- Jennifer Myers Kirton, RUTHERFORDTON, NC

“All I can say is God Bless the Internet! I have had my site activated I think for 9 days. I have had 264 people see my home page and I have had 1169 hits. I sold two the first night, and this week I have someone inquire about FIVE paintings (she will probably buy two) and I sold one to a lady I met that lives in Colorado.”

-- Ingrid de Jong, Nanaimo, B.C.

“Thank you Maggie, you’re great and also your gallery. I enjoy uploading my paintings, it’s fun. It's so quick and easy to use, I don’t need another personal web site. I think your gallery is a great place to show my artworks.”

-- Denise Paquette, St Lazare de Vaudreuil, QC

“When I was asked to display my work on Gallery Direct, I gave it a lot of thought before deciding to open a site. I went through some of the art sites, and all of the existing photographers’ portfolios, before deciding it was a site I felt comfortable with. There are some good photographers showing their work on Gallery Direct and I am honoured to be asked to join them.”

-- roger sonneland, New Zealand

“I appreciate the service you provide to artists and the very friendly contacts you establish with them.”

-- Henri Bertrand, Apples, Vaud

“Thanks. I think it is a wonderful site and I am very excited to be included on it. I admire the site's technology which is so generous, simple and flexible.”

-- Judy Somerville, New York, New York

“...By the way, your postcard was a great success, I sent it to many people and I got 3 sales from it... Thank you.”

-- Micheline Hadjis, Montreal, Quebec

“...they (Gallery Direct Post Cards) went to almost everyone in my address book, and I’ve had quite a few responses today... all positive. I’m very pleased, thank you. Right now, I have Gallery Direct as the first site listed on my business card.”

-- Shirley Cross, Salem, Oregon

“I am very pleased with the exposure I am getting on Gallery Direct. It gives me a presence on the internet without the expense of a personal website. It's a great way to show friends and potential customers a wide range of my work and allows contact without putting my email address at risk. I also like the easy access I have to add or change.”

“...this site has been an excellent resource for me and I greatly appreciate the professional manner in which it is operated.”

-- Graydon Guest, Victoria, B.C.

“I must say (Maggie) that you are one of the rare persons to show a real interest in what is happening to the artists. Thank you again!”

-- Lise Cree, Montreal, Quebec

“...your staff have been absolutely terrific. I feel very honored to be a part of your website. I will add more art as I create. I just love the simplicity and ease of how the site navigates and works.”

“...I absolutely love being a part of Gallery Direct. You run a top notch service!”

-- Douglas Gemmill, Winnipeg, Manitoba


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