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Artist Membership

Top 10 Reasons to Join Gallery Direct Art Community

1.High Exposure for your Artwork
2.Professionally Designed Portfolios that eliminate the high cost of having a webmaster
3.Clean Design keeps the viewers attention on your artwork
4.Fully Automated so you can manage your portfolio with no added costs or technical experience
5.Personalized Web Address
6.Automatic Submission to Search Engines
7.E-Postcards to promote your work
8.Free Jury Process that guarantees a high standard of artwork within the community
9.Free Technical Support
10.Community for Artists Designed and Operated by Artists

Read our Artist TESTIMONIALS to see what our artists are saying about us!

Membership to GALLERY DIRECT gives you a professionally designed Artist Portfolio that is fully automated, giving you more flexibility and control than custom designed websites. It allows you to change artwork and update information at any time with no additional cost. You do not require any technical expertise to manage your account.

An Artist Portfolio includes:
The Artist Statement Page (Main Page) allows you to upload 1 image (artwork or portrait), Artist Statement, Bio, Resume, Current Exhibitions, and Galleries representing your work.
Other Artist Information displayed on the main page includes: Your Name, City/State/Province, Country, Media types you have selected, e-mail link and a link to your personal website.
You can create 10 separate galleries within your portfolio and upload a total of 50 artworks within those galleries including descriptive text and pricing.
Each of the 10 Galleries has an “Introduction Page” where the artist can upload an additional artwork with text describing the work within that gallery.
Each of the 10 Galleries has an “Index Page” that shows all the images in that gallery in thumbnail format that can be expanded to a larger image.
An e-mail contact form allows viewers to contact you without revealing your e-mail address.
Extensive Statistics information includes all activity and hits within your portfolio which includes: Main Page, introduction Page, Index Page, each Artwork plus E-Postcard tracking and hit information.
An External Access Report determines if someone is stealing your artwork images or referencing your artwork from another website.
Watermarks automatically added to artworks viewed from another website.
Free personalized web address - If you have a personal domain name you can direct it to your portfolio and use your portfolio as your primary website.
You receive a secure login and password to your Personal Account Page where you can change your password at anytime.

Portfolio Management Features:
Easy management using fill-in forms, allow you to add or change information at any time.
You can change the order of your artwork within your galleries and move artwork between galleries quickly and easily.
Ability to input keywords with each artwork so viewers can find your artwork by media, subject, or location.
Personal help is available at any time via E-mail plus there is a full online help document you can access directly from your Personal Account Page.
You can upgrade your account (add artworks) at any time for a reasonable discounted fee.

Read our Artist TESTIMONIALS to see what our artists are saying about us!

Marketing Features Included with Membership:
Free Jury process guarantees a high standard of artwork which benefits all Gallery Direct members.
E-Postcard: a promotional feature to invite clients and friends to exhibitions or show them New Artwork you have just completed.
Calendar of Events: you can submit Exhibition Deadlines, Exhibitions, Seminars and Conventions or other events where your work is being exhibited.
Random Images on Gallery Direct's Main and Gallery Pages, insure that you are always getting front-line exposure.
Automatic submission to Search Engines.
Free Personal Interviews via e-mail are available to all members upon request and will be published on the “Artist Interview” page upon completion.
Free Featured Artist of the Month is available to all members upon request. The Featured Artist is published on the Front Page of Gallery Direct and includes a link to the Artist’s Interview.
Exclusive searching features allow viewers to find you based on a proximity search. When the viewer inputs their postal code, all artists within a certain range will be displayed.
Visitors can search by artist name, location, subject, and media.

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Artist Membership is $4.17 (USD) a month (paid $50.00 anually). This includes the ability to create 10 Galleries and upload 50 Artworks within those galleries. You can also upload 1 additional image (artwork or portrait) on your Front Page and 1 additional artwork on each of the 10 Gallery Introduction Pages, which gives you an additional 11 artworks.

How do I join?
To Join Gallery Direct you must go through a Free Jury Process and e-mail us the following Information: Artist Statement, Biography, 4 jpg images (less than 200K) of artwork that represents your body of work and a current website link if available. Jurying takes place weekly.

Click HERE to e-mail your application.

Jury Selection Information:
In order to maintain a professional atmosphere for all our Artists and Galleries, the jury process is a necessity. Jury selection is based on quality of work and appropriateness of content. Gallery Direct reserves the right to disqualify artists or disallow individual artwork or entire portfolios if we deem them inappropriate for any reason, or if we feel the artwork violates any other artist’s copyright.

You will be notified after jury selection takes place. If you have been selected to become a member of Gallery Direct, your account will be activated as soon as payment is received. Once you have been authorized to become a member and your account is activated with Gallery Direct, no further jurying occurs on any of your artwork. Unless there is a specific issue with any particular artwork, you are free to manage your Galleries and artwork however you wish.

Payment is accepted via Paypal or a US Funds Money Order. Payment instructions will be provided to you via e-mail once you have been selected for membership.


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